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Crime Reduction Team in Bedfordshire Police

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We thought you would like to learn about the Crime Reduction Team in Bedfordshire Police.  We are:

  • Sgt Ben DIMMOCK - Crime Reduction Sergeant (countywide cover)
  • Peter KNOWLES - Crime Reduction Social Housing (countywide cover)
  • PCSO Juliet WRIGHT - Watch Scheme Development Co-ordinator (countywide cover)
  • Lara CURTAYNE - Crime Reduction Officer (North Beds & countywide cover)
  • Lesley JOHNSON - Crime Reduction Officer (South Beds & countywide cover)
  • Dave KOONER - Crime Reduction Officer (South Beds & countywide cover)

The Force’s Crime Reduction Team assists their colleagues across the organisation by taking on a more strategic role, driving forward victim and public engagement initiatives - such as Operation Cocoon and Operation Salcoats - as well as providing training sessions for various departments on crime prevention and problem solving, and creatinge bespoke problem profiles for specific crimes, victims and locations.

The Crime Reduction Team is responsible for responding to the force’s priority crimes through research, analysis and action planning but has now expanded its remit to concentrate on problem profiling, emerging trends, crime patterns, and research into innovative reduction methods.

The team also works closely with internal departments such as the Domestic Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit (DAISU) and the Bobby Scheme charity. In addition to this, they also bring together partner agencies such as Neighbourhood Watch, the Fire Service and local authorities on their activities.

CROs are always available to advise both staff and members of the public, although practical delivery of crime reduction advice is carried out mainly by Local Policing Teams and our Force volunteers.

Sgt Ben Dimmock, who leads the team, said: “My job is about assisting the Crime Reduction Team in getting to the root of crime within our county and ensuring that organisations such as the police, the council, the fire service, Neighbourhood Watch and local communities are all working together in one aim, reducing crime within Bedfordshire.

“We know that issues can rarely be solved by one agency working on its own. I ensure that from a Crime Reduction perspective organisations are working together, to share information and to develop an action plan to drive forward Community Safety and Crime Reduction.

“It is great to be part of a team who can really make a difference within the community of Bedfordshire and to see the benefit of the changes we make within our county to make it a safer place to live and socialise.”
If you have any queries regarding crime reduction, you can contact the team by email: