Kensworth Parish Council

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Kensworth Parish Council were pleased to welcome Kensworth Primary School Chair of Governors Anthony Todd to the February meeting.

Anthony advised that the school has made good progress following their Ofsted inspection in October 2016. The governing body has recently been readdressed and Anthony has been the Chairman since September 2016. An Interim Head was immediately put in place after Ofsted visited and all the highlighted issues around the safeguarding policies and procedures have been corrected. The Governors are aware that confidence needs to be brought back into the school and although it is still a work in progress with the new Interim Head, they are now seeing rapid improvement to the point where we now have a school we should be proud of.  The site perimeter needs improvements and will cost around £20,000 which the school need to pay for. The work is hopefully planned to take place during the Easter school holidays and funding applications have been sent in. The Diocese of St Albans has been very supportive. The School has a potentially full intake next year and the future of the School is therefore looking good.